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The first time I visited one of Igor Ledochowski’s products, the Conversational Hypnosis home study course main web site at www.conversational-hypnosis.com, I was quite intrigued by what it has to offer. I have always wanted to secretly learn the art of verbal hypnosis to put people into a trance, but I find the subject hard to comprehend simply by reading a book.

In order for conversational hypnosis to work, you have to know how to manipulate the tone, tempo, speed and even the volume of the words you use to be effective. You can imagine how hard it is to experience a hypnotic speech from a book. That’s why I wanted training materials which are either in video or audio format. That’s exactly what Ledochowski’s course has to offer.

Check out the YouTube video result below where Ledochowski uses his conversational hypnosis skill on a woman with smoking addiction issue. Observe how he use his covert voice and body language to sub-consciously successfully influence and change the woman.

Buying The Conversational Hypnosis Package – My Personal Experience

It took me a while to read through all the information on www.conversational-hypnosis.com because there was a lot of material. From the previews of all the 12 sections covered in the program to reading all the customer’s testimonial and feedback, it took me at least 10 minutes to read the web page from top to bottom.

ManualBut to tell you the truth, I was quite impressed by the shear bulk and comprehensiveness of the material offered. There’s actually a total of more than 18 hours of audio recordings session teaching you everything you’ll need to know to improve your communication skill and become a learned master hypnotist.

The audio files are even transcribed into PDF digital files just in case you want to study them in more detail. This is good because if you were to print out the entire manual, you will need a large book ring binder to hold all 629 page together as shown in the picture on the right.

This is the most complete program I’ve seen on a verbal hypnosis home study program so far and I decided to look for Igor Ledochowski download page. At the bottom of the page, I started to click on the “Add To Cart” button and I was taken to the order confirmation page. There, I entered my email address, my first name, last name and then I hit the “Next Page” button.

Finally, I reached the secure payment form where I see a very familiar logo…it was Paypal. Initially, I mind was a bit apprehensive to use by credit card to buy Ledochowski’s program. I don’t really fancy revealing my credit card information on web sites which I am not familiar with. Since they have a Paypal payment option, I can simply use my Paypal account to buy the course.

I clicked on my Paypal icon and was immediately redirected to my Paypal account log in page. The next step was to approve my purchase and send them $197 for the entire course. The whole money transaction process was very fast and seamless. When the transaction was approved, I was redirected again to Igor Ledochowski’s program download page…finally!

The audio MP3 files will definitely come in very handy. I can download the files into my laptop and then upload them into my iPod. I can listen to the lecture recordings when I am driving or even when I am working out in the gym. At the same time I am working on my body muscles, I am strengthening my brain muscle as well.

If you are in the midst of researching conversational hypnosis home study course, check out Igor Ledochowski’s program on his web site. You’ll be surprised by the amount of training and learning material offered to you.

Understanding Body Language During Communication | Igor Ledochowski No comments yet

Body language consists of viewing nonverbal signals used by people in communicating. Non verbal hypnosis experts such as Igor Ledochowski and his business partner Clifford Mee, say that these nonverbal signals are extremely useful in effectively communicating with others.

Note that a person’s facial expressions and body movements can convey vital information even if he does not talk about it. Understanding body language ability is also necessary in modern communications and establishing relationships.

It is relevant in leadership and management and various aspects of business and work where communications are physically observed and seen among people.

Below are few of the most useful tips ideal for people who wish to make the process of understanding body language during communication less than difficult:

1. Watch Head Positions

The position of a person’s head when communicating can be used in understanding what he/she is thinking or feeling. For instance, overly tilted heads frequently indicate sympathy.

A person who smiles while also tilting his/her head is someone who shows his/her playful side. Lowered heads often say that the person is hiding something, shy, timid or keeping his distance from you.

Cocked heads may also indicate confusion or issuing a challenge. Watching head positions should also be accompanied by watching mouth, eye and eyebrow gestures in order to get the right message completely.

2. Research About Facial Expressions

A wise tip is to think about how a person usually conveys his emotions through his facial expressions. For example, a smile signals happiness or approval while a frown represents unhappiness or disapproval.

In the majority of cases, a person’s facial expressions are already enough to reveal his real feelings in a situation. Some examples of feelings or emotions expressed through your face are sadness, happiness, surprise, confusion, fear, disgust, contempt, anger, excitement and desire.

3. Read the Eyes

Your eyes reveal a lot of what you are thinking or feeling. This means that when talking to someone, paying close attention to his eye movements can help in understanding what his real thoughts and emotions are.

When trying to understand eye movements, things like if the person makes direct eye contact or averts his gaze, blinks, and dilates pupils should be considered. For instance, a person who directly gazes into your eyes shows that he pays attention and interested.

Prolonged eye contact, however, might feel threatening. Avoiding eye contact signifies that the person is uncomfortable, tries to hide his real emotions and feels distracted.

Understanding what a person feels through eye movements is also possible by determining if he is blinking too little or too much. Rapid blinking is usually noticeable, when someone feels uncomfortable or distressed while infrequent blinking may indicate that he is deliberately trying his best to control the movement of his eyes.

4. Understand Mouth Movements

Mouth movements and expressions are necessary in fully comprehending body language. Pursed lips, for instance, is a strong indication of distrust, disapproval and distaste.

Worries, stress, problems and anxiety are often shown through lip biting. A smile is probably one of the best signals. However, it is necessary to remember that there are plenty of interpretations to a smile. It can be genuine or an indication of false happiness, cynicism and even sarcasm.

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